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My name is Sylwia & I'm an interior designer

behind Núna. My mission is to create enchanting environments that are functional & help you thrive.

Inspired By Iceland Kitchen&Breakfast Nook

Moving to Iceland and being surrounded by nature inspired me to design this space. Soothing colors and variety of textures is what I wanted to bring from the outside inside.

Wooden Kitchen

Designing a small but functional kitchen is always a challenge. For this one I decided to use wood as a primary material which gives a warmth and a cozy feeling. A big window is a great source of natural light and also allows a great view while having a breakfast.

Touch of Glam Living&Dining Room

The goal was to create an elegant space. Molding on the wall, velvet and marble was the perfect choice to meet the client's needs.

OASIS Body&Mind Holistic Centre

My vision was to create a place that focuses on harmonious life. My idea was to design soothing and calming space for its users. Oasis is supposed to be a moment of respite from the hectic and intense world we all live in. In this space I wanted to include everything that has regenerative impact on the body and mind. Thus yoga room, meditation room, massage room and a smoothie bar.

Earthy Tones Bathroom

The idea was to create a bathroom that would have a soothing effect on its users. Color palette was reduced to earth tones that were enlivened with lush greenery. In reference to nature, that brings you balance like nothing else, such materials have been used like teak, marble or rattan. I chose fluted glass and copper as the jewelry for this room. Textured tiles add an extra touch.